Museum shop and PowerPoint

The Museum entrance area also serves as a shop. Visitors can choose from a wide range of memorabilia and information of local interest. Many goods are available to suit young pocket money purchasers.  There is a fairly extensive selection of local history books, some of which are published by Malvern Museum.

Click here to download a list of books on local history

Trail Guides include The Great Malvern Water Trail, Malvern Hills Trail Guides, and reproductions of Victorian Ordnance Survey maps of Malvern. 

Decorative items, Souvenirs and Stationery with local themes include greetings cards, coasters, place mats, mugs, tea towels, mouse mats, notebooks, fridge magnets, postcards and more..

MALVERN IN THE GREAT WAR: 1914 booklet and 1915 booklet  @ £4.00p each (new price) and 1916-1919 @ £5.00p

Malvern Museum has published three booklets  to commemorate the Great War as it affected Malvern. They are based on extracts and articles from the local newspapers of the time.  Each explores how life changed in a small rural town after the outbreak of war. The 1914 edition includes the impact of the arrival of hundreds of Belgian refugees. There are sections on the experiences of the new army recruits and their families. Its pages reflect the excitement, hysteria and insecurities felt by everyone.

The 1915 booklet considers the impact of the Zeppelin threat, the military camps on the Commons for over 3000 new recruits, munitions, the Battle of Gallipoli and so much more.

The third booklet relates how food shortages and ingenious economies eventually led to rationing.  The role of women, as they took on farm work, fire fighting and administrative jobs within the Council, features more prominently. Alongside these stories are accounts of heroism and deprivation, fortitude and despair.  The final pages reveal how Malvern, like communities across the country, welcomed its returning soldiers and planned to commemorate those who would never return after the Armistice.

The booklets offer a unique insight into Home Front conditions.

Price: £4.00 (£5.30 to include P&P) or 1916 – 1919 £5.00 (£6.30 to include P&P)

Available from Malvern Museum, open daily from 10.30 to 5.00 until the end of October, or by post