Museum Loan Boxes


Loan Boxes

The museum has created two loan boxes so far.  One looks at Malvern’s Water Cure and the other is devoted to Prehistoric Malvern. The loan boxes meet Key Stage 2 requirements for primary schools and can be adapted for Key Stage 1 pupils. Equally they will be of interest to adult groups.

Water Cure Loan Box

The Water Cure Loan Box examines the impact of the Water Cure on our local communities, after the arrival of the Water Cure doctors in 1842.  It also looks at the importance of Malvern water. Teachers’ notes offer background information. These will hopefully stimulate further ideas for classroom activities. A number of classroom-based projects and ideas are included in this pack. All sheets can be photocopied.

Malvern Water Cure Loan Box donkeys

Malvern donkeys with headbands

The activities include: filtering water through a range of materials; designing and making a donkey headband; using maps to consider the growth of Malvern; a water cure re-enactment.

A short, sharp shower



The artefacts are suitable for multiple handling and the dressing up clothes will support re-enactments. They are all replica or modern items, and should withstand careful usage.

 Prehistoric Malvern Loan Box

Earthworks on British Camp

The Prehistoric Malvern Loan Box provides an overview of Malvern’s prehistoric development and legacy.  It draws from the latest theories about the early communities who settled in this area and began to tame it. Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age tools and weapons are included for handling purposes. This includes a selection of flint tools, an antler pick and a Neolithic stone axe. These should facilitate further enquiries and connections with our anonymous ancestors.

Teachers’ notes offer background information to teachers on local prehistoric sites and surviving evidence. In addition, there are several school text books included. A range of classroom activities include making a flint tool, designing and creating a Bronze Age pottery urn and understanding prehistoric timelines. Dressing up clothes are provided.

Replica flint weapons

Borrowing Loan Boxes

Loan boxes can be borrowed for a three week period at a cost of £15. If you are interested in borrowing any of our loan boxes, please use the relevant button on our contact page.