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You can have a peep into our main exhibition rooms by following the links below:

Malvern Hills Room – Find out about the development of the Priory Gatehouse and see how the geology of the area has contibuted to the later history of Malvern. Prehistoric and Roman activity is also explained through text, photographs and artefacts

Medieval Room – Here you can follow the arrival of the Benedictine monks and the building of Malvern’s two priories. Malvern’s Royal Forest or Chase as it was later referred to is also described

Water Cure Room – This room explains how Malvern’s pure water attracted the new breed of Water Cure doctors with their many wet treatments; these and the growing donkey industry are worth discovering

Victorian Room – Here you can find out how Malvern’s town status gave rise to a wealthy and popular spa resort, helped by the arrival of the railway and many famous people

Upstairs Gallery – The space in the upstairs corridor offers visitors opportunities to see and touch the surviving window frames from the medieval Guesten Hall, read up about Sir Edward Elgar, and guess what the radar scientist might be doing, and find out about the little known American D-Day hospitals

Twentieth Century Room – Learn about the pioneering Santler car and the later Morgan cars, immerse yourself in some unique First World War stories and discover the cultural highlights of Malvern Festivals with G B Shaw and Sir Barry Jackson