Events and activities


Malvern Museum organises a wide range of activities throughout the year.


Lectures are held on the last Friday of every month from September through to April. The History of Croome Court, the royal wives and mistresses since William the Conqueror – yes all of them!, GWR railway growth and decline, medieval manuscripts, Worcestershire’s secret army in the Second World War have all featured over the last few seasons, along with many other talks. The lectures are free to the Friends of Malvern Museum and £2 for members of the public.

Fundraising activities

Raising money for the museum at Malvern Food Festival

Cake and produce stall at Malvern Food Festival 2012

Malvern Museum organises a number of events to raise money to meet the cost of running the museum and updating display fixtures. Re-enactments of the Water Cure have proved quite popular and take place in the Coach House Theatre, Malvern. Florence Nightingale and Edward Elgar have also been the subjects of public lectures.

Display for Malvern's Christmas activity

Christmas display 2012

The museum has a stall at the annual Christmas Fayre held at Christchurch Hall. Volunteers run a cake and produce stall outside the museum during the town’s Food Festival in May and the museum is opened for the town’s Christmas Lights Switch-on.

Supermarket collections provide other successful fundraising activities and Waitrose has kindly included us in their community ‘green token’ collections.

Heritage Events

The museum takes part in the National Heritage weekend in early September. Admission to the museum is free and stewards often dress in costume. Donations are encouraged of course! The dulcitone, a portable piano type instrument, is played outside. It was originally played at St Anne’s Well by ‘Blind George’ to entertain visitors in the last century. Malvern Museum supports Civic Week in July by providing temporary displays that reflect the theme chosen for the Week.

Outside exhibitions are designed and supervised by other enthusiastic volunteers. Malvern Museum pops up in the Public Library, Great Malvern Priory, WestFest and some county organised events, and exhibitions offer the public a glimpse into different periods from Malvern’s history. In this way some of our prints and artefacts are seen by a larger audience, and again donations are often forthcoming.

Priory Gatehouse Restoration Fundraising Activities

Parapet and windows on north side of Priory Gatehouse

North parapet of Priory Gatehouse

Malvern Museum has already been responsible for two fairly major programmes to restore parts of the Priory Gatehouse. 2012 saw the launch of the latest effort to repair and conserve the stonework, gutters, roof, wall tiles, parapet and stone mullion windows. A conservative estimate for what is needed now has been put at £80,000.

A group of intrepid museum volunteers has devised a programme of events designed to raise serious sums of money. A Magic Lantern show was held in 2012, offering the audience an opportunity to see lantern slides that have not been viewed publicly for almost 100 years. Have a look at our forthcoming events to see what else has been organised this year to raise awareness and money for restoring the ancient Gatehouse.

The BT MyDonate button that can be found on the left hand side of this page, is another way money can be raised by the public and is a simple and secure way to donate.