Malvern Museum is looking for volunteers to fill and support a number of roles:


Museum stewards open the museum to visitors, take admissions money and sales cash, and handle simple enquiries.  Stewards work in pairs and we would hope you could cover perhaps one morning (10.30 – 1.30) or afternoon session (1.30 – 5.00) every two weeks. Training is given and volunteers feel very supported.

Management Roles

Volunteers also fill all management roles. This covers curating the collection and looking after the the building and its environment. Others have responsibility for stewards and health and safety. Museum publicity, the website, the environment and museum finance are important roles too.  The building is owned by the Trustees of Malvern Museum Society, but the museum is run by a wider group of volunteers forming a Management Committee.

Finance Officer

A new treasurer for the Management Committee is needed for 2022. This involves handling day-to-day income and expenditure on services, publicity, stock for the shop, and collection care items. The present treasurer has worked hard to simplify the various systems and will be on hand to provide training and support. The trustee finance officer will work closely with the new appointment too.

Publicity Officer

The museum has been without a publicity officer for some time now. Opportunities for spreading the word about the museum’s presence and its achievements have had to be shared out among the volunteers. The role would involve liaising with groups like the Tourist Information Office and Malvern Town Council to promote the museum’s activities. Providing press releases to the local papers and local radio would be another occasional feature. The museum publicises its events on its own website and has recently created an Instagram account too. There will be lots of support, with opportunities to develop and expand the role.


The present curator will be retiring art the end of 2022 so a volunteer(s) interested in this work to shadow the role for a couple of years would be greatly appreciated. Prior experience is not essential although a keen interest in archives and local history would be regarded as important assets. Malvern Museum is fully accredited to comply with national standards set down by Arts Council England. The museum’s collection is managed within an agreed framework of documentation and procedures for collection care.

If you are interested…

Please contact us through the website or in writing if you would like to learn more about what each role requires. We look forward to hearing from you!