The museum has reopened for its 2024 season



Lorna Lloyd’s War Diary

Malvern Museum has partnered with a team from Edinburgh Napier University that has produced a series of podcasts based on Lorna Lloyd’s diary. These are available on this page.

Lorna Lloyd

About Malvern Museum

The town’s ancient monastic gatehouse is home to Malvern Museum of Local History.  There are countless tales of old, from life on the exposed prehistoric hill forts to the medieval forest and monastery; from dripping wet sheets of Water Cure patients to Malvern motor cars and the secret work of countless radar scientists. The museum is small yet there is so much to do, see and hear that many visitors regret not making more time for their visit.

Dressing up activities, slide shows, a touchscreen and audio guides offer gentle, often amusing glimpses into our rich past.

We are actively seeking new volunteers to join us.
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Two young Benedictine monks appearing on the upstairs corridor


The 2024 season started Friday March 29th
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Themed rooms transport you from millions of years ago to the present day
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Find out more about museum events and check our calendar
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The Gatehouse provided the only entrance into the Benedictine monastery that lay beyond. It is the museum’s greatest artefact.
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The collections include rocks and minerals, medieval timbers, bottles, glass slides, prints, postcards and social history documents
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Find out about school visits and loan boxes
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Please note that there is restricted access for those with mobility issues

The only way to explore upstairs is via a twisty staircase. Visitors with restricted mobility can still experience the first floor displays however, with a Power Point slideshow downstairs. This offers insights to the main exhibitions. Historical ‘eye witnesses’ on our audio guides give the low-down on Malvern’s history too. These are free to use. A ramp into the building is also available. Visitors with visual impairments can make use of large print room guides with colour overlays if necessary.