The latest Government guidelines, Health and Safety Executive requirements for public services, along with national museum/heritage advice, have been consulted and acted on. We believe we have a robust set of measures in place to protect both visitors and our volunteers from the spread of Covid-19.

The museum has produced a Covid-19 policy to show how we aim to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic. The sections cover:

  • museum volunteers who work intermittently in the museum while still closed to the public
  • visits made by outside contractors
  • stewards who operate the museum
  • visitors
  • cleaning procedures

The policy will continue to be reviewed and updated over the coming months, with extracts appearing here where appropriate. Below is the extract that affects visits made by outside contractors:

Guidelines to follow:

  • Prior to an onsite visit, the museum officer will discuss by phone or email the museum’s safety requirements i.e. social distancing, hand cleaning, wearing a face mask if working closely with others
  • The contractor will need to sign the museum’s attendance sheet on arrival; these sheets will be destroyed after 3 weeks and all data collected will be held securely.
  • Hand washing or hand sanitising is still advisable on arrival and exit; dispensers are provided
  • Sensible social distancing is advisable in the more confined spaces within the museum
  • After the contractor has left, all surfaces where the work was carried out will be cleaned thoroughly by the staff member

Covid-19 risk assessments have been written and reviewed over the last two years; as a consequence and in everyone’s best interests, perspex screens, sanitising stations, safety notices and regular cleaning will be in place. Training will be given to our volunteers and feedback will be important.